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Bartman sitting in the kitchen Bartman standing out on the grass in the sun with his ball

FEB 21st 1996 - MAY 7th 2009

Bartman, at the age of 13, passed away peacefully on May 7th, in the presence of his Master Duncan and his kind and loving Poppa Gordon at The Lawrie Private Veterinary Clinic, Cumbernauld, Glasgow after 10 months of poor health and the beginning of discomfort in his joints.

Bartman, crossed between a Labrador and Alsatian and 1 of a litter of 5 was born February 21st 1996 in Bracknell, Berkshire, England. He came with his Master to Scotland on October 11th 1996 at 9 months old joining Gordon and Kay (Duncan's Parents).

Gordon and Kay took over Bartman's full time care with loving commitment when Duncan left home in 2003. Bartman was a loving family pet for 12½ years. Since Gordon's retirement, Bartman has enjoyed his companionship in the last 2 years of his life and the care and attention when he was ill, bringing him back to his original weight.

Bartman's pastimes and interests were morning press-ups, rolling on his ball and doing the wacky races around the garden. He enjoyed playing with, and catching, his ball, a game of fetch, swimming, hill walking, a tug of war and sniffing around in his local woods on his walks. He would guard the garden not allowing cats or rabbits to enter, or birds to fly over his airspace or perch on the trees.

He was a good natured and obedient dog, with a high understanding of commands and human vocabulary. He would talk back to you in his own doggy language full of expression and relating with affection. He was popular and sociable with the local children, who made a fuss of him out on his walks. His main dislikes were thunderstorms, fireworks and vacuum cleaners. At night he would be told to fetch all his toys in from the garden, being rewarded with a biscuit for each toy, until they were all in. He would then settle into his bed waiting for Kay to give him "bickies in bed" as it was known, voluntarily crossing his paws and both would say prayers together.

Bartman's name was used as an index number on a music CD, BART001. Find out more at Bart was also featured in a poem published in 1999 written by his Mumma, Kay E Foulger.

He will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him and his special Golden Retriever girlfriend who he would meet out on his walks, who lived in the next road.

Obituary by Kay E Sparkes.

Bartman at the Campsie Fells, Scotland
Bartman at the Campsie Fells, Scotland.