Christian Dance Music

ByFaith TV Clip 1

The music opens halfway through Prelude and progresses to Dance Before The King. Both pieces are by Newton Apple. The music is soft with a gentle beat, the beat stops but then picks up again and the music builds up into full-bodied dance track. Apart from a brief sample of a woman laughing, both pieces are instrumental. Commentary by Paul Backholer, who is also featured in this movie clip.

Most of the first few scenes are speeded up.

The view from inside a vehicle travelling along a main road in a tunnel.
A helicopter flying through a blue sky.
The view from inside a vehicle travelling along a country lane.
The same helicopter flying through a blue sky.
A canoeist going down rapids.
A surfer being hit by a wave.
The view from inside a vehicle travelling along a main road in a tunnel.
An aeroplane flying in the blue sky over the sea.
A tram going along the street.
A surfer being hit by a wave.
A canoeist going down two rapids and then capsizing.
A trail of dust whipped into the air along a road.
Walking through a long busy corridor of either an airport or seaport, following Mathew Backholer.

Today amazing things are happening in many parts of the world.

A distant surfer in the sea with a blue sky.
The columns of a suspension bridge.
Close up of someone's shoes walking along a pebble beach.

The Church is growing at a rate unknown in world history.

Two people cycling along a street.
Paul standing on the shore looking out to sea.

Standing openly before us is a great and effective door.

A silhouette of a bridge spanning a valley.
A river or canal in a large town or city, viewed from a bridge.
Two people with surf boards walking along a grass field.
A close up of a building with railings and a back street with air conditioning units.
A mosaic of a woman in national costume, possibly Dutch.

Join us as we travel into Europe, Africa and Asia to share the Gospel and to discover what God is doing all over the world.

Paul and Mathew walking beside a long cycle rack in a large town or city.
Paul and Mathew walking up a narrow staircase.
A railway line.
The view from inside a vehicle travelling along a country lane.
Mathew stands in the middle of a large town or city and the camera rotates around him, showing the surrounding old architecture.
Paul stands beside the sea, facing the shore and looking up at the surrounding cliff faces.
One of the men puts something onto a car windscreen, possibly a leaflet.
Inside a building Mathew pulls back a curtain to reveal a wall and a light. He taps on the wall.
A canal boat turns to port (left).
A hand submitting what looks like a token into a green box.
Mathew by the entrance to a bus.

Jesus said: Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.

Mathew gets off the bus. The camera follows him.
A small crowd stands near a tree and a cycle rack. Another crowd walks past.
A busy street scene with a yellow tram.
A grand old building with a stretch of water in front of it.
A stationary bus in the distance.
Cliffs and rocks, with clouds passing overhead (speeded up).
A helicopter flying in a blue sky. It banks around slightly to the left (port) and flies off. The movie fades and the words ByFaith appear.

The End.

Commentary script Copyright © 2002-2006 ByFaithMedia (By Faith Media).
Scene transcript Copyright © 2005 Graceonusphere Music.

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