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Dance Before The King

Dance Before The King is now being featured on several media presentations. Most of these are DVDs and film clips. To find out more about these, click on the | Publicity page |.

In August 2000 the track Dance Before The King was released UK wide on CD-Rom with a national computer music magazine. This stopped Kevin in his tracks and caused him to focus on the music. "If God is blessing me in this area, then this is the way I need to go," he said. It took three years from conception to release. Dance Before The King Launched 12th January 2003 at The Kerith Centre, Bracknell, Berkshire. Sales Promoter, Kay Sparkes flew down from Scotland and an extra recruit, Ben Pocock, was taken on to assist with sales.

The female vocalist on the CD was | Rachel |.

The index number for this CD is BART001. Bart, or Bartman was a well loved dog who sadly passed away in May 2009.
| Bartman's Obituary |.

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