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Kevin J Foulger (aka Newton Apple)

Kevin at Monaco Kevin at Monaco

Most people have a passion for something, whether it's for sport, a hobby or the person they love. Kevin's passion is for Jesus Christ. He also enjoys many other things, but he has his eyes fixed on eternity and that affects the life he lives. He has a heart to create excellent dance music for the peoples' enjoyment; music that will also bring glory to our mighty and victorious Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Kevin's favourite styles of music include eighties pop, modern dance and classical. His interests are music, photography, web design and creative writing.
His passion for this web site is so that everyone can access it, whatever their browser, resolution, or specific needs. We have the most important message anyone will ever hear - the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Kevin's desire is that this message is made available to as many people as possible.
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