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Kevin J Foulger (aka Newton Apple)

Kevin at Monaco
Kevin at Monaco

What book has most impacted your life (as well as The Bible)?
Prepare Your Heart for the Midnight Cry by R.T. Kendall.

What worship album has most impacted your life so far?
Wildfire by New Wine Worship. It was the album that really started me worshipping God on a personal level at home without feeling any inhibition. It's an album that you actually want to sing along to.

What band has most influenced and inspired you musically?
The Art of Noise and some of the solo work by Anne Dudley (Anne wrote the music for the movie The Miracle Maker and writes the music for Poldark).

When did you become a Christian?
When I was about five years old I asked Jesus Christ to become my Lord and Saviour. With His grace, I am still following Him.

When did you complete writing your first song?
I wrote music and poetry when I was a child, but my wrote first song, The Hero of All Time in 1992.

What musical instruments can you play?
I learned music on the violin, used to play the drums in church, can improvise on the keyboard and get a tune out of a guitar.

Apart from Jesus Christ, who are your favourite characters in The Bible?
Job and the way he came through adversity.
Noah and her sisters and how God uses not so influential and famous people in The Bible to steer His purposes.

What next step would you recommend anyone takes if they are vaguely interested in Christianity?
Go on an Alpha Course. You will be with people who are also vaguely interested in Christianity and have discussions with them. It's also a great place to make new friends.

Loves Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit / Summer / Blue skies / The seaside / Having time to sit and read a good book / Good music that does the unexpected / Quality Christian music / Dance music with a good bassline / Reading about Jesus defeating the religious leaders in an argument / When a mix or remix comes together really well / Kenan and Kel / Curry / Pizza / Christmas / Vinyl / CDs / God TV / Really good clever poetry / Eschatology / God doing the unexpected miracle when you really need it / Using the Web to tell people about Jesus Christ /

Winter / When movies or books blaspheme the Name of Jesus Christ / air-conditioning in Winter / Disrespect / Reading about what Jesus went through to save me / Badly designed applications / Unnecessarily tiny fonts that you can't expand / Unintuitive applications / Waxed book covers / Apostrophe's in the wrong place's /

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