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Track listing for Dance Before The King

The track list below is in the order it appears on the album, followed by which style of music it is and a brief description. Click on the titles that are hyperlinks to download that particular MP3 file.

  1. | Prelude (MP3) | - Ambient / Trance.
    Used in | ByFaith TV Clip 1 |.

  2. | Dance Before The King (MP3) | - Trance.
    Used in ByFaith TV Clip 1. This track was release UK wide with a national | music magazine | in August 2000 after winning first prize in their competition. This track has also been used in ByFaith TV Clip 1, The Lord's Boot Camp (Florida, USA) Video Diaries DVD 2004.

  3. Psalm Dance 117 - Dance, with a Spanish feel.
    Inspired by Psalm 117, the shortest chapter in The Bible. Kevin on vocals.

  4. | 40 Desert Days (MP3) | - Funky Pop.
    This was going to be In the Land of Uz. However, the bass sound got Kevin thinking about when Jesus went into the desert for 40 days.

  5. In the Land of Uz - Rap with a bit of a funky Eighties sound.
    Inspired by the story of Job, a Biblical man who suffered extreme hardship and yet still gave glory to God. Kevin and Rachel on vocals

  6. | Let There Be a Downpour (MP3) | - Dance / Rap.
    This is a prayer asking God to send revival. It was written in 1996 and was first published in Hands in Prayer, Triumph House. Kevin on Vocals.

  7. | Omnipresence (MP3) | - Ambient.
    Inspired by Psalm 139. The lyrics were written by Kevin on the morning of the recording. Rachel on vocals.

  8. | Second Anthem (MP3) | - Trance.
    Had Kevin entered anymore competitions, this would have been the next track he would have sent in. The rhythm part of this track took 3 evenings to compile.

  9. | The Heavens Declare | - Ambient.
    Inspired by Psalm 19. Used in | ByFaith TV Clip 2 |.

  10. | Jasper and Carnelian | - Dance.
    Instrumental track with the title being inspired by these 2 verese:
    'At once I was in the Spirit, and there before me was a throne in heaven with someone sitting on it. And the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and carnelian.'
    Revelation 4 v 2 - 3 (NIV). This track was used in The Lord's Boot Camp (Florida, USA) Video Diaries DVD both in 2004 and 2005.
    Carnelian and Jasper are also the first and last precious stones mentioned as being mounted on the breastpiece of the Priests' garments. See Exodus 28 v 17 - 20.

  11. | The Thessalonians | - Dance, with a bit of a Mediterranean feel.
    Inspired by the church of The Thessalonians. Compiled around the same time as In the Land of Uz.

  12. A Psalmple - Ambient.
    The shortest track on the album.

  13. | Test Track (TRL Mix) | - Trance.
    Every Christian goes through testing times which helps build character.

  14. | The Dreams You Gave Me | - Trance.
    Rachel Cadby and Kevin J Foulger on Vocals.

  15. The Hero of All Time - Trance.
    Inspired by who Jesus Christ is now and the fact that He is coming back at a time when we least expect Him. The First verse was altered after attending a song writing seminar to fit in more with what The Bible says. This track was featured on the Cross Rhythms magazine CD (Jan/Feb 2003 Issue 72).
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