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Magazine Interview - August 2000

This interview with Kevin Foulger is based on what was published in eJay, a national music magazine in August 2000. It was part of the prize for winning a competition run by the magazine to compile the best piece of music using their music software. The edition in which the interview was published also came free with a CD-ROM, on which was the winning track | Dance Before The King (MP3) | by Kevin J Foulger, under the name Newton Apple.
This document gives a broad account of how the Newton Apple story began.

Kevin Foulger on a cloudy day with a panoramic view of a river estuary and a power station in the background
Photo by Tim Baldwin

How did the name Newton Apple come about?

In 1992 I formed a band called Isaac Newton's Apple. Along with the name, the idea for the logo also came to me of an apple planet hanging in space with rings around it. During a jam session, we recorded an album of cover versions, improvisations and songs we'd written.

What was the influence behind creating Dance Before The King?

Jesus Christ. People may be surprised and gasp when I mention the name Jesus Christ and wonder what he could possibly have to do with dance music. I'm a man who believes strongly in the spiritual realm and that it is the negative side of this that is influencing society. It is saying, especially to young people, that they can have freedom in the areas of sex outside marriage and recreational drugs and not have to worry about the consequences. When relationships go wrong, people get hurt. The misuse of drugs can have a damaging effect on people's lives. Parts of society seem to have lost hope for the future, living only for today and I think many people don't even have an eternal perspective on life.

How did you create the track?

Dance Before The King began first of all by spending time looking through the samples on eJay Sound Collection Volume 1. When I worked out what would fit and what I wanted, I began to import the samples onto my computer. I was disappointed to find I couldn't just drag and drop the samples from the sound browser onto the eJay mixing grid. I staggered some samples half on top of each other in two channels as I did for synth54, which progressed to synth56 and 57. After "Ready for Take off" I used two left and two right channels to stagger Synthpad007. The melody comes from Sound Collection 1 in the form of Synth59, 60, 61 and 63. During one part of the track, I'm actually using 13 out of 16 channels: 4 backing synths, 3 rhythms breaks at once, on top of dry and simple beat, 2 for the melody and 3 for the bass.

Without being modest, what do you think is so special about your track?

The reason I think my track won is because it is well structured and has a beginning, middle and an end. Being a musician (violin, guitar, keyboard and drums) I like to keep a piece varied and enjoy playing around with chords and bass lines and listening to how the two can influence and change each other. Dance Before The King ends sweetly with the mellow Synthpad21, which I think sounds similar to the style used by Art of Noise.
However, this is not the first time I've done well in a competition. In 1994 I was a runner up in the Radio One Young DJ Contest. The creative show I arranged was sent up on a cassette tape and briefly played on air during the Breakfast Show.

What equipment do you use?

A Packard Bell PC with a Celeron processor, 63 MB of RAM, 7.85 GB hard drive. Soon afterwards I fitted my PC with a CD writer. However, it took me a good two weeks to work out how to record anything onto CD and then to record so it was playable on a sound system. I quickly learned to save my eJay mixes as WAV files to the desktop. Then I could drag and drop them onto my CD recording software, use the correct recording speed and most importantly, use audio CDs as opposed to data ones.

Do you have a web site? Have you had any of your work published?

When I get more time, I would love to create a web site.

Would you say you are part of the eJay web community and do you think this is a good thing?

After winning this competition I would have to say, yes I do now feel part of the eJay community. The best thing I think about the eJay web site is that you can download samples from it.

What are you musical influences and your favourite music?

There are some great Christian bands and artists out there. One of them is The World Wide Message Tribe. Frantic is the name of their latest album and I think it is their best one yet. I also like JC Culture, and Raze. DC Talk is another favourite - they're an American rock/pop/rap band. Jars of Clay is another band I like, especially some of their remixed music on an album called Vibe Central. I also like Plumb, Newsboys, The Supertones and Rebecca St. James.

Name your biggest hero and why?

My big hero would have to be Jesus Christ. He's a friend that sticks closer than a brother and is always there for me. From a musical point of view, the band that has inspired me the most is Art of Noise. They have produced some great albums with their brilliant melodies, sampled sound effects and piano solos. It was listening to Art of Noise that inspired me to teach myself the piano.

Where would you like to be in two years' time?

Two years from now, I would hope to have had my first novel published. It was completed once before and submitted to publishing agents, but after receiving constructive advice, I am now redrafting it. I'm determined to really go for it. I would also hope to start recording in a studio.

| Dance Before The King (MP3) | is an instrumental trance tune with a speed of 140 beats per minute and is the title track of Newton Apple's debut album.

That was in August 2000.

Since then Kevin has obviously created a web site, but now there is a real drive to bring this up to the latest accessibility standards. Kevin's novel is still on hold as he is putting more time into writing lyrics and music, and recording using original samples. He is also even writing music reviews for Cross Rhythms magazine and over the past year has been an active member of the worship team of his local church. However, the number one priority is his walk with God and it's this exciting adventure, which is beginning to shape his next project. October 2004.

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