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Stoneleigh FM Radio Interview - August 2001 (Page 1)

This is a transcript of the interview which was broadcast on Stoneleigh FM on 6th August 2001. Jon Champion interviewed Kevin Foulger on this, the radio station which operated from and served Stoneleigh Bible Week. This conference used to meet near Leamington Spa, UK and the broadcast went out over a 15 mile footprint. During the 5 minute interview, Kevin discusses his inspiration, his vision for the future and the then forthcoming album - Dance Before The King. The transcript has been slightly edited in order to aid language translation devices people may be using on the web. Stoneleigh Bible Week has not taken place since 2001. The last theme was "Let's Go!"

Photo of Jon Champion interviewing Kevin Foulger inside one of the Radio Stoneleigh Studios
Photo by Kay Sparkes

The Interview

Jon: OK, I've got Kevin Foulger here in the studio, and you kind of, you're a bit of a DJ aren't you, what exactly is it that you do?

Kevin: Well what it is... I'm sort of an electronic artist with - using software like eJay. Now I've moved on to other things like Cubase as well. Basically I started off using eJay software and I've, sort of begun to compile an album which is called Dance Before The King and just, sort of generally developing music through computer and computer software.

Jon: OK so how did you, because this, it's quite a cult scene the kind of, the whole dance thing how did you originally get into it?

Kevin: Originally it was sort of like as though God was saying to me don't buy secular dance music because I quite like dance music and I thought to myself, well if I can't buy the stuff then the only way I'm going to be able to listen to it is to create it myself so that's the way it started off. Then I bought eJay software, started off with that and bought some of the sound collections as well and then moving on with stuff like Cubase software... that type of thing... getting a keyboard. I'm also starting to write worship songs as well which I'm going to record in the style of dance music as well.

Jon: Just for those that don't know I've actually got eJay. It's a program you get on your computer. How does it work?

Kevin: Basically it's like a grid where you slide samples onto it and you can manipulate these samples, put effects on the samples. You can record your own original material, which is now what I'm doing as well, also with Cubase. I've actually got a singer, called Rachel Cadby. She's... she's great. And she sings on quite a lot of the stuff that - some of the new stuff as well. But eJay is basically like pre-recorded samples just that slot into a grid and they're all the same time and all the same keys and stuff like that. So it's quite easy to generate the music.

Jon: Brilliant. You've got a name for yourself. You're called Newton Apple. How did that come about?

Kevin: That came about {starting again} I had a band in 1992 called Isaac Newton's Apple and did about one cover version of, well we did one album full of cover versions. The name just sort of came about as an idea but now I think of the name sort of prophetically as like Newton Apple, of when this apple falls on your head, you're going to discover the love of Christ. That's the way I think of it now.

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