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Stoneleigh FM Radio Interview - August 2001 (Page 2)

Jon: OK, as we said before the dance scene, especially in Britain is quite a cult following and there's all the club culture and things like that. What made you really get into it all and what really are you hoping to get out of it, this - the new album and the dance music and things like this?

Photo of Kevin Foulger sitting in front of the Radio Stoneleigh Road Show Stage at Stoneleigh Bible Week
Photo by Kay Sparkes

Kevin: Yeah. Well the vision I've got, I was doing a Bible study one day and I was reading Psalm 40 and Psalm 40 verse 3 jumped out at me saying "He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the LORD." And that's my vision now, because there are so many young people out there who are taking drugs and having sex and all sorts of things which are - you know, they think that that's their way of achieving something in life and it's not, it's sort of destroying them. And I think there's a much better way. There's Jesus Christ and His love and all of this, so the vision is to see ultimately you know, many people come to Christ through my music. So, that's what I'm really hoping for.

Jon: Excellent, that's fantastic. You've recently also compiled an album. This is called Dance Before The King. What made you start doing this and what's you're inspiration behind the whole album generally?

Kevin: The inspiration behind the whole album is just to produce dance music that's going to glorify God. The particular track Dance Before The King was one of the first tracks that I did and had it in time for my brother's birthday. And then I read in eJay magazine that {changing tack} (which was the first edition) and they were holding a competition. So I thought to myself, right! Well I've got this track pre-arranged already so I thought I might as well send it off, because I'm the sort of person that just likes to have a go at anything. So, I sent it off you know, in faith saying oh God, please, let this {changing tack} even if it didn't win I thought well at least it's going to perhaps speak to people or something's going to happen. And, in the end it won. And it was Carl Cox who judged it and he apparently, he thought it was - or the judges thought it might have been about something about Elvis because it's Dance Before The King. And of course it wasn't, it was about King Jesus.

Jon: Excellent. So, we're actually going to play this track. This is the title track off Dance Before The King, obviously called Dance Before The King. Would you just like to introduce it and say about your web site as well?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, the web site I've got at | | , where you can find out more details about the band and about things that are going on, but the track was {rephrasing} yeah it's quite an upbeat dance track using eJay software and, this is Dance Before The King, the winning track.

The start of | Dance Before The King | by Newton Apple. An instrumental trance tune set at 140 beats per minute. The entire track (which lasts nearly 5 minutes) was played on air.

The tune ends.

Jon: You're listening to 106.6 Stoneleigh FM, that was Newton Apple with Dance Before The King.

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