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Transcripts and Text Versions of the Audio Files that are on the Newton Apple Web Site

Dance Before The King

Instrumental uplifting trance tune set at 140 beats per minute.

40 Desert Days

Instrumental funky pop tune with a hip-hop theme and a bass guitar solo most of the way through. Some delay effects have been put onto the bass to add a greater sense of depth. The speed is 90 beats per minute.

Let There Be a Downpour

Funky dance track at 140 beats per minute, but instrumental for the first two minutes. It builds up and then the following lyrics are rapped by Kevin J Foulger:

Let there be a downpour as all the saints now pray for more.
May the people be saved by the Son that God gave;
From schools and universities to offices and factories;
From workers and inspectors to managing directors;
The unemployed and homeless;
The people left out on the street and all the people that you meet;
Those who live a life of crime; those already serving time
With their idea of unforgivable sin,
Let great revival now begin.
Let all the people everywhere and all the nations now declare,
The Son of God now be adored
For Jesus Christ is risen Lord.

Copyright © Kevin J Foulger 1996, Graceonusphere Music.
First published in the poetry book Hands in Prayer from Triumph House.


This is a very mellow tune, with emphasis on soft chords and bass guitar. It has slow but strong drum loops accompanying it. Then halfway through, Rachel Cadby thoughtfully narrates the lyrics. There is a great deal of delay effects put onto her voice, which rolls the phrases from speaker to speaker. The lyrics are:

Your Holy Spirit is everywhere
From You I cannot hide.
If I rise on the wings of the dawn
You are by my side.

Whether on the roughest sea
Or in the farthest land
You will always be holding me
Tight in Your right hand.

(Based on Psalm 139)
Copyright © Kevin J Foulger 2001, Graceonusphere Music.

Second Anthem

This is an instrumental hardcore trance tune set at 140 beats per minute.

The lyrics are also included in the CD booklet, but in a slightly different layout to this web page.

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