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Accessibility Statement

Here are some of the listed accessibility features to help as many people as possible perceive the contents of this web site.

  1. All links on the Newton Apple web site will open in the same window. This is so that blind people using this site with screen readers or Braille displays don't become disorientated by a new browser window being forced open. It also causes them to loose the history stored in the 'Back' button of their browsers.
    If you would like links to open in new windows, please refer to your browser controls. Right click on the link and then select 'Open in New Window' works in both Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

  2. This site has been rewritten in HTML5 (Hypertext Mark-up Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to assist the maximum number of devices to access the site.

  3. The site has been designed for a download time that is as fast as possible. Media downloads have been kept to reasonable sizes. It has been assumed the user is connected via no more than a 56k dial up modem.

  4. All pages have meaningful titles to assist people using screen readers and to help search engines accurately index the pages.

  5. All pages have language tags to assist translation devices and search engines. This also benefits screen readers, which will be able to make accurate pronunciations of the text.

  6. All photographs have alternative image tags to enable people who cannot view the images to know what they are. Long description tags have also been used where more detail is necessary.

  7. This site can be navigated with or without a mouse. This helps blind visitors and also people, who for whatever reason cannot use a mouse. These people use the tab key to move around the links. All links have meaningful descriptions in the text displayed. This helps everyone.

  8. All text is presented in relative font sizes, allowing users to enlarge the font size with their browser settings.

  9. Header tags have been used only for headers and also in consecutive order to help blind people know the relative importance of each heading. 'Blockquote' tags have been used for quoting.

  10. Right hand text margins are raged (as opposed to justified), to help people with dyslexia to keep track of where they are in the document. An off white (ivory) colour has been used as the background colour to most pages and the font widely used is Arial and Geneva, depending on what operating system is used. This is to help people with dyslexia read the text more comfortably.

  11. Lists are used throughout, which particularly help the blind. They are also numbered where appropriate, to help people with dyslexia follow the list through.

  12. Plain English has been used as much as possible to ensure everyone understands the meaning of the text. This also helps translation devices accurately translate the text.

  13. All audio and video files have transcripts or descriptions so people who are hard of hearing or who don't have listening equipment can perceive its contents.

  14. Media from this web site will cater for people using QuickTime Player, Real Player and Windows Media Player, avoiding the need for visitors to download third party software.

  15. All pages are labelled to assist easy navigation.

  16. The site has been designed to be viewed in most screen resolutions.

  17. The site has been designed so it can be read and perceived with the style sheets switched on or off. (Style sheets control the presentation of the page).

  18. The main content has been put first in the document, to assist people with screen readers, text only browsers and search engines. The links are placed at the bottom of the document and projected to the top of the page using style sheets.

  19. All text links are surrounded by printable, non link characters to help those who are colour-blind (except the links in the left bar). Text and background colours have been carefully considered so the text can still be read by those with colour deficiencies.

  20. The web site describes as much as possible. This is for the benefit of people with learning difficulties and extremely young visitors. It also helps listings in search engines.

  21. A | site map | has been added to help visitors find the content they are looking for.