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| Gordon Alan Foulger - 1942 - 2011 | | Bartman 1996 - 2009 |

If you ever noticed the Index Number on a copy of the CD Dance Before The King, you will see it is BART001 - after Bartman.

| Rachel was the singer on the album Dance Before The King |

Listen to or read the transcript of the Stoneleigh FM Interview - 6th August 2001
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| Radio interview on Stoneleigh FM (1.5 MB wav audio file) |
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6th August - Kevin Foulger's interview is broadvast on Stoneleigh FM. Kevin was interviewed by Jon Champion. The radio station was operated from and served Stoneleigh Bible Week. This conference used to meet near Leamington Spa, UK and the broadcast went out over a 15 mile footprint. This was to be the last ever Stoneleigh Bible Week.


New Year 2000 - Kevin buys a copy of a computer magazine called PC Home (Music Special) Issue 92 and on the free CD that came with it, is a piece of trial software called TOTAL eJay. The demo inspires Kevin and soon afterward, Kevin buys a PC and a full version of eJay and begins creating music. The PC is a Packard Bell PC with a Celeron processor, 63 MB of RAM, 7.85 GB hard drive.

Burning CDs then wasn't as easy as it is today. You had to have data CDs for data and music CDs for music. You had to manually do things like "close the session" or the CD wouldn't work. Burning the first copy of Dance Before The King felt like quite an achievement.

August 2000 - Dance Before The King by Newton Apple is announced as the winning track in the eJay Magazine after running their competition. The judge is DJ Carl Cox. The track is released nationwide throughout the UK on the CD-ROM that came free with the magazine. In his interview, Kevin talks about the track and states openly that it is inspired by the King of kings - Jesus Christ. | Read the article based on the eJay magazine interview |

| | goes online. This is a free web site set up to promote the winning track. However, there are no Web sites available to host music files - there is no social media or anything available to upload this.

3rd October 2000 is registered.

7th October 2000 - goes online after a lot of hard work, some prayer and a devine appointment with a man who recommended a very good book on HTML 4. This Web site hosts the MP3 file of Dance Before The King. This has to be highly compressed due to Internet users having to access the Web via dial up modems, which can't download very much very quickly.


Kevin goes to a social evening at friend's house and shares his dream of creating Christian Dance Music.


A jam session jam session with friends produced a demo by "Isaac Newton's Apple" a name that Kevin came up with.

Lyrics and music of The Hero of All Time completed.

The Newton Apple logo was designed using technical drawing pens and french curves.