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The Apple Core - Kevin's Personal Story

It happened suddenly, like slipping off a rock. In my mind I was falling. I couldn't feel the ground on which I had always stood. My life flashed before me. There I was once again on a bright-lit day in the car park outside my Sunday School. I could feel the heat of the sun and the breeze on my face. Then the ground opened again and this voice was telling me over and over again "It was all for nothing. All you have believed in all your life doesn't exist." I called out to God automatically but it was as if He and Jesus were far away, talking with their backs to me and as though they couldn't hear my cries. Then another voice inside told me to go to sleep. The next morning I believed in God again as I always had done, but wondered what on earth had happened that Sunday night in March, during my time at Brighton University.

Kevin Foulger outside Northumberland Heath Baptist Church, Erith, Kent, UK
Kevin Foulger outside Northumberland Heath
Baptist Church, Erith, Kent, UK
Soon after being born, my Christian parents promised God to bring me up knowing Him. The dedication took place at my father's home Church, Northumberland Heath Baptist Church, Erith, Kent. Revd Fred Butler was the minister then.

Christian parents and being good wouldn't save me

Since moving locations, I discovered when I was around 5 years old that going to Church didn't make me a Christian. At the same Sunday School I went on to see flash before my eyes, they said that Christian parents and being good wouldn't save me. My father gave me a book on how to become a Christian and that night I urgently read it and prayed the prayer to ask Jesus to forgive my sins and to be Lord of my life. I knew I had been born with original sin from Adam (the first man), and that I was imperfect. I didn't feel much happen, but at the Downs Bible Week I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time - the language known by God and the angels. That was when I was 12. Soon afterwards, I was baptized in water and received into membership of the Church I still attend today. I also continued reading through The Bible my parents had given me for Christmas when I was 9 years old and completed it 7 years later.

Mithras House, University of Brighton, UK
Mithras House,
University of Brighton, UK

My first year at Brighton University went well, but at the beginning of the second year I had my appendix out and after returning to my studies I gradually became ill and very run down. That was when I had my 30-second loss of faith. Losing My Religion was even a regular song on the radio.

Sometime after Easter I returned home and over the following year I recovered. During this time I completed The Hero of All Time (featured on the CD) and at that time released it on tape by the band I had formed called Isaac Newton's Apple.

A year later, I returned to my previous college and gained a Higher National Diploma in Building Studies in one year instead of two. Just before Christmas I gave my classmates Christmas cards in which I had written selected prophecies concerning Jesus. It was while researching these verses, written hundreds of years before Christ, by various different prophets, that my faith was strengthened.

I needed a job. I asked and eventually received.

Temporary jobs came and went. My family moved away due to my father's job being relocated and I now had a home of my own. A year after moving in, I had a few months where I was unemployed. The book of Job was a popular Bible study then, due to the problems he had experienced. That was when I began to pray very hard. I needed a job. I asked and eventually received. My faith was built up even more!

Job once more became my favourite Bible study after experiencing friendships breaking down for apparently no reason at all. It hurt and I felt alone. I needed to love my fellow Christians, forgive and move on. Many close friends who would normally help me through a situation like this had got married and relocated. It was a tough process. But God gave me the strength I needed and some good friends at work who encouraged me. I would often visit other Churches on Sunday mornings just to get away from it all. Christians are not perfect and also that includes me. It was around this time I wrote In the Land of Uz also featured on the CD. Uz was where Job lived and his book opens with those very words I had used for the title (in the New International Version).

One Sunday night something different happened at Church. The Youth were leading the meeting for the first time and as I wandered in I felt something fresh and new about the place. That evening was a landmark and a turning point in my attitude towards the Church I have now grown to deeply love.

Kevin Foulger at the launch of Dance Before The King at the stall selling the CD, with an advertising poster in the background
Kevin Foulger at the launch of
Dance Before The King
at the Kerith Centre, Bracknell, Berks.

The Conception of Dance Before The King

When I bought my PC I tried out my eJay dance music creation software that came free with a computer magazine. I remember a few weeks before, sitting in someone's lounge and telling my friends how I would love to write and record Christian Dance Music.

Today I still have the odd problem here and there, make mistakes and errors, but I am getting to know God more and more. My faith once took a knock and recently did again while sharing with someone at work what I believe. He kept telling me I should worship God but not Jesus. Hebrews Chapter 1 put an end to that argument - for me anyway. The prophecies regarding Jesus strengthened my faith. The Apostle Paul's conversion (Acts 9) finished off any doubt that was left. He was a persecutor of the Church but died a martyr for Jesus Christ. How transforming is that? There have been tough times, but Jesus has always been there for me, even if once He seemed to be far away. The promises of God have never failed me. My feelings have nothing to do with it. God's Word is what counts.

How to Become a Christian

There is a prayer on the CD inlay. It goes like this:
Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for dying for me on the cross. I am sorry for living my life the way I wanted.
Please come and be with me now and help me live the rest of my life for Your glory. Come and be my Lord and Saviour. Amen.

I prayed a similar prayer when I was around 5 years old. Since then I have come to know God more and more from my own experiences, during which time I have grown deeper and deeper in love with Him. If you have just prayed this prayer for the first time, I would recommend you find a good Church that preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ and tell a Christian friend. If you don't have any Christian friends - ask God to give you some. I am confident He will answer that prayer!

Kevin J Foulger

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If you have any questions about life or Christianity - any questions at all, or if you are a new Christian, I would recommend you attend an Alpha Course. These are run at many different types of venues all over the world and not just in churches. Alpha courses are even run by churches in pubs and restaurants.
The name Alpha is from the Greek word which means Beginning. In the Bible, Jesus says
'"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End."' Revelation 22 v 13 (NIV).

Finding a Church for you!

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