Christian Electronic Pop Music by Newton Apple

Welcome to the Electronic Pop Music Page!

From here you can listen to Newton Apple's electronic pop music. All of the tracks are instrumental. If you prefer lyrics, why not check out the Remixes page?

Grace and Peace to You (Grace Mix) (Official Music Video)

This music video was filmed entirely in Monaco and Antibes, in the South of France. It features a Mini driving along the water and plenty of yachts, both small and large, most of which have their own helicopters.

Dieu Est Amour

Easy on the Water

40 Desert Days

Inspired by Jesus' time in the wilderness, this instrumental track has plenty of bass guitar soaked in reverb, with gentle keypads.
Newton Apple · 40 Desert Days

Personal Story Music

Some funky electronic pop music. This track was produced a few years ago, during the time I was using eJay software. It was used as a backing track for a church video.
Newton Apple · Personal Story Tune