Christian Trance Music by Newton Apple

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From here you can listen to the full back catalogue of all of Newton Apple's trance music.

Unchanging Love (Club Mix) featuring Demi Riley

Jesus You Are Holy (featuring Demi Riley)

Refine My Heart (featuring Demi Riley)

Life to the Full (featuring L. A. Ed)


Newton Apple · Prelude

Dance Before The King

Newton Apple · Dance Before The King

Second Anthem

Newton Apple · Second Anthem

Jasper and Carnelian

Newton Apple · Jasper and Carnelian

The Thessalonians

Newton Apple · The Thessalonians

Test Track (TRL Mix)
Newton Apple · Test Track (TRL Mix)

The Dreams You Gave Me (Internet Edit) featuring Rachel Cadby

Newton Apple · The Dreams You Gave Me (Internet Edit Feat Rachel Cadby)